The earth is under our stewardship. We are Her heartbeat and keeper.  In whatever capacity it is possible for you, in every breath you take you must consider your actions and choices and the LARGER consequences and implications. We no longer have all choices we had in the past.  The frivolous choices – with destructive consequences.   In many areas we are truly at a breaking point and things are changing fast. So, in whatever way people find it, they are waking up to their interconnectedness with the earth and with each other.  The more we see our similarities, the more we diffuse old behaviour like international dominance.  I heard one philosopher say that now is the time to consider that if the white house has a “War Room”, it should give equal space to a “Peace Room”. Our international focus is all wrong.

There is evidence of change in our thinking reflected in our popular media. The “steam” behind the war machines who have traditionally taken the front page headlines is waning.  Environmental and sometimes even spiritual issues are taking a closer front page space, and this represents change.  Movies are addressing a more connected relationship between people and the planet.  New music is supporting this change.

My husband says that there is a whole world of people out there who don’t care.  He drives home from work and sees the new modern buildings going up, thousands of cars on the roads, and miles and miles of city that has not one tree or flower.  I on the other hand don’t see this as something particularly bad – nor is it permanent.  It takes DISCOMFORT for us to know what we need and what we are missing.  People living and working in these imbalanced environments will be called within themselves to reach out to the natural world to regain balance.

It was brought to my attention recently that the way one can proceed forward once you become aware of our natural connection is in  one of two ways; you can either ignore it or you can allow it to create a change within you.  Allowing means becoming conscious and awake to how you are feeling. Either way, once you have that moment where you understand the connection between you and another person, or a tree or a dog – you have experienced the highest level of human awareness and you are changed.  It feels wonderful and so it is natural for you to seek it out and create more connection for yourself.  It is a love that goes beyond love.

I don’t just mean romantic or family love, I mean L.O.V.E. in the sense of universal energy.  Once you sense it, or become aware of it, you can find ways to redirect it and work with it.  getting back to nature, being around animals, working with old people – these are all ways one can find some time to feed the connection. Help a neighbour, do something nice for someone and don’t let anyone know – any kind of service you do nourishes that connected feeling helps your life have meaning and direction.  Romantic love is beautiful – don’t get me wrong. But it is only one element of a much bigger whole. LOVE is the energy of the universe. What some people call God or Goddess.  It is all-encompassing and not specific to one person or situation. Love of specific people only reflects back to us what we can love about ourselves at that time.  It is fickle, because it changes, just like we each change every day.  But, extending that love out into the dark places in your life where things have sat for a while unattended to, can bring about a complete transformation in the way you approach every day living situations.

Take small steps at first, but then have the courage to leap every once in a while

What I experienced within myself was like an awakening – a remembering. not like I was being taught something new, but that I was being guided to re-join something I was and have always been a part of.  This human connection we have, in its simple miraculous state, is something we have forgotten to honour. If we only honoured our own humanity, I mean individually, then towards each other, we would eradicate 99% of the atrocities which occur on this planet. This is in large part the reason behind exploring your past.  You need to know who you are to find your highest creative talent.

The change has to start within you.

It begins with self searching. You have to understand why you think  like you do. What you have chosen for yourself as a belief, and what your parents and community have chosen for you.  This is basic information, and although it can be painful to revisit your past, rest assured that if you are not aware of its implications, it will turn around and make choices for you, based on something you are not even aware of.  It’s like being possessed really – guided by some unperceived force.

Once you become more aware of what it is you believe and know about yourself, you are more able to make decisions for yourself that are positive and forward moving, as the universe intends for us all.  Primarily you will become aware of your creative instincts in this search. You may find yourself in emotional turmoil, which incidentally is a fabulous time for self-expression. Let it all hang out! Grab a paint brush, dust off your old guitar or just sit down with a pen and paper ~ but USE the emotional turmoil to at least find out something useful about yourself.

I recently went to a retreat with a group of 11 other people from all over Canada who were meeting to discuss spiritual matters over the course of four days.  Now, you would think that this would be an immediately pleasant convention of folks, all nice happy nature loving people, looking to reconnect to nature and find a little peace.  And for the most part, it was exactly this, except for me; the wild card. I was told later that in every balanced group there is a rebel so apparently I was glad to oblige.

For the first day and a half of what should have been a blissful time, I felt like an outcast.  My solar plexus was tight and I felt on the verge of tears every ten minutes.  I kept running back to my tent after every session we sat through with the one leading the retreat.  I was clearly out of sorts, and simply couldn’t shake myself out of it. As I mentioned, this was a particularly sane and balanced group of people, so instead of fussing over me, (which is what I discovered I was  looking for subconsciously), they just let me figure it out myself, and when I was ready to sit still and stop fretting over everything, they accepted me as if I were family. It felt very empowering to be with a group of people who had total; faith in you even having only just met you.  This is what I call acting on the understanding of that connection, and more and more people are finding a means to do that.

That first night, I took the time to head into my tent and try to write, but sometimes, when you spend enough time being guided into your heart, your head doesn;t work so well, so I wasn’t really able to write anything. I was forced to sit with my discomfort and try to unpeel where it came from.

I looked far back, even to as young as kindergarten, which I remember my terrible fear the first day. This may seem like a small thing, but something that I remember so vividly after 41 years, is clearly something which had a significant impact on my life.  I was afraid of fitting into new groups since I was young.  This feeling gave me an opportunity to shine a bright light on a fear that must have affected many of the choices I have made over the years.  I believe the old adage that says “once you become aware of something you can’t be a victim of it”.

I am so grateful to be where I am at today and looking forward to the rest of the trip.




  1. Love it Jose and could relate especially to your second to last sentence: “once you become aware of something, you can’t be a victim of it.”


  2. “It begins with self searching. You have to understand why you think like you do. What you have chosen for yourself as a belief, and what your parents and community have chosen for you. This is basic information, and although it can be painful to revisit your past, rest assured that if you are not aware of its implications, it will turn around and make choices for you, based on something you are not even aware of. It’s like being possessed really – guided by some unperceived force.”

    I have recently (finally!) experienced this and it has freed me from so much bondage. Now, I am seeking ways to be guided by the other “force” – the one of LOVE that you write about here. Great post, Jo. Thanks!


    1. YAY! welcome to my world lol. You’ll find the colours brighter and things flow MUCH more easily heh. Just take it one day at a time…and have fun! That’s very important 🙂 and write…write write 🙂
      I actually have had a really hard time writing…my thoughts are more visual…hard to explain. I feel amazed by everything. It’s a lovely way to live and my family likes me MUCH more now – happy – lol.
      Thanks for your amazing response. 🙂
      PS: I’d really like to hear details of what you experienced if you feel comfortable to share one day.


      1. no magical experience. just some good old fashion counseling (DBT style – the cognitive behavior stuff never worked for me.) It took a full year and lots of pain, tears and processing of childhood abuse and neglect but what I have gained is forgiveness for myself and others, compassion for myself and others, and radical acceptance (or the start of it). it is still a great struggle for me to accept myself and others.

        I know what you mean about the visual thoughts – I had to start painting and drawing because writing didn’t work for me at times.


      2. You sound pretty motivated…I’m not worried about you lol. I liek hearing that “faith with works” works 🙂 it takes a helluva lot of effort to keep my head above waterr sometimes…but then i remembr that not trying (usually by minding my own business lol) is much less exhausting 🙂
        Have a great evening. I am writing stuck..i keep trying and come up with nada…I feel creatively constipated lol. ~peace~


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