Old Song – Old Friend

There’s nothing like an old song to bring you back into focus.  Sometimes we can get so carried away with ourselves and our twisting tormented brains, that we forget who we are.  I think listening to an old song that you really loved when you were a kid can put your feet back on the ground, reminding you of who you are at your very center, before life got old and ran you over a few dozen times.

As a child of the 70’s I feel blessed to have grown up during a time of groundbreaking music that will never again be revisited but doesn’t seem to want to die. Even my own kids, who listen to something horrible and indiscernable called “dubstep” still listen to Zeppelin, Floyd and the Stones.  I hesitate to say it’s our SoulFusion rock band influence that has turned them into modern hippies because teenagers in my experience tend to consciously veer away from any direction that might look the same as their parents, I suppose in their determined search for individuality. But between you and I, the other day I overheard my daughter cranking Coltrane in her room.  I smiled at the small victory I must admit I felt.

This music made me feel things that music today rarely does.  Deep happy feelings.  I always feel like it’s summer when I listen to Chicago. And I think that we who loved 70’s music had the most amazing break up music!  None of this electro-technical crap today can compare with gems like Love Hurts by Nazareth.  Take “Bread” for example. Classic break up stuff.  Who hasn’t wept after the guy whose name you probably forgot ended up with a different girl (whose name you totally remember) at the party? Then you go home, crack open a tub of ice cream and put your turntable on and play “Diary” over and over and over and over again.  If this hasn’t happened to you, then you’re really missing out on something because there is nothing more absolutely delicious than real heartbreak.

Some songs have been so important that many of us probably wouldn’t have had our first marriages without them. Take Stairway to Heaven – the most important slow dance ever written bar none.  And Zeppelin really was great at providing all of the relationship experience in song. You could get together to Stairway, Have raging Sex to Kashmir or Levee and break up to Babe I’m Going To Leave You.  Zeppelin was an all round band. And old songs are like old friends, guiding you gently through memories and reminding you of what it feels like to be you again.



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