There you are!

Blank page in my face

Staring at me without a trace

Of memory from minutes before.

Demanding answers from the debauchery of my soul –

I shake my fist at the bloody sky!

Impotent in my rising,

Covering nothing but the space,

Between You and I

It’s not like You haven’t seen it all before!

Laugh out loud then!

Shut the door.

My ink covers you methodically,

Seeping blood smearing its way

to the heart of the matter.

The wound hasn’t changed dammit!

Only the hand that writes of it.

I won’t allow the blood spilled to be fruitless

and wasteful.

It has been my greatest teacher-

Love’s epic demise!

For I have found the windows through the shutters

and taken the time to peer

Deeply inside.

Maybe one day

You will allow me

in an afternoon

To show you

What mysteries I have found!


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