Are you consciously affected by the full moon, because I certainly am.

Science claims to find no correlation between  people’s moods and the full moon. According to scientific studies, there is no correlation for example between increases in suicide and murder rates and the full moon. However, personal accounts of erratic emotional sensitivity, heightened feeling of creativity or even sexual libido abound during the full moon.  Could it be that the popular media which created and embedded in us our notions of the full moon;  from werewolves to urban legends of rape and murder statistics soaring during full moons increasing could have created a profound integration into our thinking?  It’s a chicken and egg question if you take it on the totally intellectual level. But on the personal experience level, everyone seems to have either a certain knowledge that they are in some way affected by the full moon. More often women have an awareness more than their malle counterparts.  In my estimation, it isn’t very complicated.

The moon is the satellite planet orbiting our planet earth. It does not contain life, but does create the gravitational force that we enjoy here on earth 🙂

This gravity effect is evidenced in the motion of the waves of the ocean .  It is the moon that creates these waves and the tides are entirely governed by the daily cycles of the moon.

The human body is made up of 76% water…do you see where I am going here?

I am no doctor or metascientist, but it doesn’t make any sense in my limited left brain capacity that . moon would not have some if not profound tand recordable effect on the human body when it’s energies shift from low influence to high influence, such as this past full moon we all enjoyed last Saturday night. It would make the most sense that it would effect our endocrinological system – our hormes, as they are most easily influenced by shifting environmental factors.

This past weekend in my neck-of-the-woods the energy of the full moon was  frankly palpable.  It made us all a little wonky, although good fun was had by the oil barrel on such a perfectly clear night with friends. And the moon certainly was the hot topic of the night; that and my failing body.  I had been absolutely fine, having worked with a few horses under our first real sunny sky in what felt like forever, I may have pushed it abit far, but I didnt think to the point where I am now perched on pillows in bed unable to move. It had been a feew days of pent up emotons and I culd literally feel which of m’y energetic centers were systematically shutting down.  My back locked and I havent walked properly in three days. But somehow it felt conected to the moon.  There is no science here, only intuition.  I felt my body go more and more sour with each passing hour of the emerging moon. The coincidence is that the moon charts said it was full at exactly 11:36 which is the time I finally gave up and come into the house to find some relief from the ever-increasing pain.

Here’s how I think it works before you think I’ve lost my marbles.  🙂 The moon both activates our emotional centers nd represents them in some traditions.  Just like it’s relationship in the traditional horoscope, the moon (ascendant of cancer) is the planet of emotions. It represents and governs the human emotional state.  The moon however, and its emergent energy does not create emotion, it simply magnifies what is in the current flow of being processed by you.  So, if you have a tendency towards lower emotions like pessimism and depression, this can be a particularly debilitating time for you.  If you are on the cusp of a “small” what they call “manageable” depression you may find yourself sinking suddenly under the weight of the full moon. If you are given the grace (and I do believe that’s how it comes) a moment of clarity in which you see that your stasis is a gift to allow you time to analyze, integrate and accept all of those aspects that make up your personal biosphere, then you are left with two choices.  You can choose to wait it out, go with the flow and just experience the halting of your life until it changes. Or, you can take the time to become keenly aware that there is something working inside of you to bring you to another level of understanding. One of the things the medical, or more rightly, the pharmaceutical industry tries to convince us of is that mental illness cannot be cured. It can only be managed by their drugs. This is the type of mentality that keeps us addicted to the cures they create.  But understanding that the picture is bigger, much much bigger, and that there is a large amount of information on the universal clipboard and it takes time to integrate it all into your current understanding of yourself.

We have to become healers of ourselves in many ways.  Taking emotional responsiblity of your life is a big step in adulthood that not everyone takes.  Sometimes you take such a step and not everyone in your life steps that way with you.  But becoming emotionally responsible means making some difficult changes.  Becoming willing to do things differently, to take wild leaps of faith and to cascade yourself in the thing you know about yourself to be true and real, and not all of the illusions that you have hidden behind because you had no clue how to see yourself properly.

Life will present us all with great challenges.  Everyone has them, in their own way. And in each and everyone’s way, they are worming every day to balance these challenges of their mind and heart, the gulf between their exterior and interior lives.

Have you noticed that there are times in your life where these “all-encompassing” questions are very important, and other times where you couldn’t care less about the big picture because you’re just trying to muddle through daily life?

When your mind opens up and you feel one of those waves of consciousness about the bigger picture that exists all around, check out the cycle of the moon. the other capacity the moon clearly has is to shift our focus from our inner lives to the outer life that exists all around us.

These are not coincidences.  I think we are still walking around with the belief that the earth is some little solitary bubble, unaffected by anything that happens outside our atmosphere.  But we are quickly coming to see that this isn’t true.  We are greatly affected by everything from solar flares to lunar eclipses.  There is nothing that is not connected.

This kind of understanding can be very empowering if you have depression or other mood problems.  It tells you that it’s not just something out of your hands, some biochemical reaction you have no control over other than to take a pill that makes you feel like you don’t give a shit anyways.  This kind of understanding of connection helps you to see that there are times where you mind is open and able to receive information from your emotions and your emotions are big enough for your mind to hear.

The most confusing information I have ever had about how to deal with depression comes from a Zen teaching, but I swear it works.

Do nothing to achieve more.

The thinking behind this is the more I try to feel or be “different from what is actually inside of me, the more frustrated I will become and the I will repress emotion which will turn into depression and other physical problems.

By “doing nothing” I mean, don’t try to “unfeel” how you’re feeling.

Secondly, honour what you’re feeling.  If your body craps out on you, rest and don’t be a hero. That’s ego thinking. Honouring your body means you recognize the importance of the gift that you were given by God when you were allowed to come back.  It is a great act of gratitude.

So today, under the weight of the full moon my back is bent in two heavy with whatever it is I have to look at next.  I’ll try not to take maters into my own hands and hopefully will see myself with two feet on the ground very soon.

I think I’ll wait for the miracle.




  1. I love your writing Josee. It helps me feel connected to myself, and to feel like I belong to a “herd”. It also helps me to accept what is, at this moment in time. Thank you.

    I hope that you will be feeling better soon. I agree with you: our body does communicate with us, and when it’s in debilitating pain it’s trying to tell us something VERY IMPORTANT. For example, I had to get Bell’s Palsy (paralysis of the right side of my face and mouth) before I finally realized, and accepted, that I have limits. I’m not super woman. I no longer believe that I have to say, “yes” to everyone and everything. I’m Louise Monica Mary Valin, a woman with my own rhythm- which tends to be slower than the majority. That’s okay. I’ve surrendered. That’s ther new me. (However, I am still in the process of metamorphising).

    I hope that you will gain insight through your pain {I’m so sorry that you are in such pain 😦 }, and that you will have compassion for whatever comes up.

    Remember Josee, you are not alone, and you are loved, very loved, no matter what may or may not be.

    Love your cousin,
    Louise Monica Mary


  2. what a wonderful post! not only was it a full moon but it was also a “super moon” this weekend (when the moon is the closest it ever gets to the earth.) I am currently preparing a post on the moon and depression and how our hormones play a huge role in it. For us women, the moon cycle and our menstral cycle are very connected and although, I have yet to meet a psychiatrist that addresses hormonal problems, it really is where the dysfunction in our emotions begins (not the neurotransmitters – but like you mentioned, then we wouldn’t need all of those SSRI and drugs that affect our neurotransmitter levels. I say with the greatest objectivity in a matter-of-fact kind of way: Drug companies are going somewhere very, very bad when they die 😉


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