Keep An Open Mind

I read a few blogs every day, and some I read more often than others because they seem to resonate as Truth with me.  I find my mind expands with them and I see new ways of approaching my own life’s challenges.  Sometimes, they just give me a laugh right when I need one the most, and I rarely read anything that isn’t enjoyable just for the pure experience of it. The blogs I enjoy the most are the ones that elicit a new thought  or a feeling in me, – blogs that give me something to think about.  Some of the blogs I read are religious in nature, and although I follow no particular tradition of observance, I respect and enjoy many aspects of various religions.  They can help me to stay feeling connected and balanced.

The aspects of the religions I choose to reject out of personal choice and understanding are the parts where God, Source, Spirit, Yahweh (whatever you choose to call It) – is made separate from us.  Religion has the power to give us a mutual understanding of the Universal Source, but only through its mutually agreed upon concepts.  In other words in the past, religion has been principally responsible for giving God a bad name.  Depending on the culture, each religion, as created by men, has integrated into its Holy texts cultural expectations which they believed were important for the survival of man at the time. In a historical period where superstition and misunderstanding reigned supremely, we were guided by the experiences of early early thinkers.  They instilled fear, in whichever way was most effective in their particular cultures, into the mind of man who understood God in the first place.

Prehistoric man was much more attuned to God and source energy when they did not have the interference of each other’s interpretations of how that God should be understood through fear and superstition. Early humans understood God on a personal one to one basis with Nature. They understood the flow of the seasons and the power of personal energy we all have contained with in us because they had to use it every day to get along with what lived around them.  But now, we have differentiated ourselves from what lives around us – we have built walls and temples and things that separate us from the true creative source and essence we have within each of us, and it is killing us and our planet.

But everything moves towards survival and the change teh is necesary for the adaptation necessary for survival is being guided by the energetic requirements of the planet and the Source energy that control everything and keeps the magnificent balance we take for granted. It is a push back to the essential nature of ourselves that we are feeling. We are being moved forward at lightening speed (comparatively speaking to our own history). We are being moved beyond simple thought to intuitive energetic connection. Some of us are getting it right away and finding that our lives subsequently change in their focus.  We are encountering changes in the human psyche, it’s ability to intuit and to adapt to new concepts so profoundly different from what we have known in the past, that we don’t even have names in our languages for everything we are coming to understand because many what we are understanding goes necessarily beyond thought form. Authors like Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass are dazzlingly popular because they are in essenece the forefathers of the development of the vernacular which will help us support our new understanding of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not naive and I don’t believe the whole world is going to show evidence of this change right away. In fact, the business world and political arenas are prime examples of fear based culture which will take some time to change and adapt, but the energy of the masses which is lighting up on soul at a time is pushing forward even this unlikely phenomenon.  It is likely if you are attracted to this kind of topic, you have probably felt some shift within yourself.

So, it is not all doom and gloom folks, but change is happening and it is very important for us to get our minds on straight about the topic of religion, because it is the most greatly divisive factor in human historical evolution. Religion and belief about our essential nature and purpose is the number one cause of all human conflict.  If we can find agreement, we can find peace. It isn’t very difficult to find agreement, the obstacle being that fear must be abandoned.  In order to loosee fear, you must gain trust. The kind of trust we need to find comes from way beyond what we can convince ourselves of in our minds. However, as your mind opens to this conection, you may find that you will lose certain concepts that may have held together your reality for all long time, but with the loss of fear comes change in thought.  None of us have anything to fear. But, we act as if we do, and as a result kill each other and our planet.  Fear is the root of all evil. All of it.

So, without trying to impose my own “beliefs” upon you, I would like to state certain truths I believe to be true about God:

1- God does not judge us and punish us.  This would be contrary to His will of giving us Free Will.

2- Our will is God’s will. We are God.

3- God made us to experience His knowledge. We are the co-creators.

4- Our power is as limitless as God’s. We only believe we are powerless because our religions have told us we are.

5- God rejects NO ONE – if he did that would mean he was rejecting himself and this makes no sense.

6- Everything is connected and the connection of everything is God

7- God has nothing to do with religion. Concepts are contrary to the nature of God

That which can be named is not the Tao that Is

(1st verse – Tao)

8- The Universal God encompasses many places and levels, this place (earth) is not the only one

9- Our concepts of love and compassion now have to consciously go beyond this physical place

10- As we lose judgement of one another we will find peace. We can only begin by loosing judgement of ourselves. God has no requirements of us other than to become our most creative potential of ourselves so we are most able to express him and help others.

11- There is no heaven or hell greater than life itself. The hell is what we create for ourselves through our own perceptions. God intended only for us Joy.  Our mission is to find Joy.

Now, if I believe something different than what you believe, that’s ok!  We don’t need to see the world throught he same coloured glasses. It would be impossible. I see it through my set of experiences and you see it through yours.  What I am asking is that we exchange these ideas and keep our minds open to the possiblity of other possiblities.

I am not a devout Christian and yet I use the word God to describe the source energy and I say the Lord’s prayer. Nor am I a buddhist, but I burn incense and I meditate in front of a staue of the Buddha because I find the image peaceful and it helps me to focus.

The little diatribe I am imposing on your right now all came about through this one blog I read which I continue to enjoy, but the writer was concerned with their  father joining them in heaven when they died as the parent  wasn’t well but didn’t follow Christian Tradtion and had not declared Jesus Christ to eb his lord and saviour.  It made my heart hurt thinking about this person is living in a state that believes that God doesn’t love each of us equally.  God loved Hitler and God loved Mother Theresa.  This doesn’t mean that what we do in this life doesn;’ matter…it does. Very much. It matters to the extent that we are most able to clearly see our own divinity, which will allow us to see the divinity of others.  When we start to see the world with eyes like these, we will begin to heal ourselves and the planet.  But this thought of judgement and anything that is the opposite of love must be dropped for our own good. Who do you think saw more of God in their life; Mother Theresa or Hitler?

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I can change anyone’s mind, if their mind is mad eup. This is not my goal. It’s very hard to change your mind about something. It’s all fine to say this to someone, as if I really know what im talking about, except that it makes sense. Another universal law I observe is that everything is always moving towards positive forward creativity.  nothing stands still, nothing stops changing and it is not possible to go backwards.  And so change and adapt we must, and the first thing that must change is the way we think about God.  However, it must be INCREDIBLY difficult to see things differently if in fact you have been raised on such a philosophy.  So, despite all of my mighty words, I believe it is only an act of grace which can create a greater understanding about God in one’s true mind and heart. A change of thinking that makes a person clearly find greater joy in this life, and greater purpose.  So many people are on the edge of this, it is important that we open and maintain a dialogue about this. And so I will continue to enjoy my friend’s blog and everyone’s  changing thoughts.



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