“Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Like attracts like is what we have tended to say about personalities that attract each other. It is obvious that each of us tends to gravitate towards people who resemble us in some way.  Either we share a sense of humour that we both understand, or a political or cultural viewpoint that we relate to, and as in my case, we share a creative nature.

I am incredibly blessed to have so many creative friends.  Both because I am a musician, and because of the way I think, I am finding that I am surrounded by people are allot like me in some very distinct ways. We are cerative types. We don’t sleep well, we talk allot, we have opinions about everything, we do things in a different way. We walk our talk I’d say.

It got me to thinking about creative personalities.  I was thinking it was funny that on one hand, I am constantly talking about trying to be “normal”, emotionally, psychologically, socially whatever – but in reality that is the last thing I would want. I see myself better through my friends. They help me gain an understanding of what I like about myself, in some ways.  And when one of them pushes my buttons they help me find what needs to change. With the creative personality sometimes come the archetypal characteristics that are inherent in people who think outside of the box. Here’s what some of those commonalities look like to me:

Creative Types are Mentally Ill…

~First of all we all tend to suffer from mental illness of some type. Depression, bi-polar- an emotional physiology that causes us to feel and be more emotionally sensitive to the issues that surround us every day in life.  These people, because of their “hyper emotional” states can find beauty and angst in the most inconspicuous moments and places.   They have new eyes because they tend to see feel and hear everything through the veil of their extreme and perceptually altered experiences.


~ We are selfish. Very often we “creative types” tend to be very inwardly focused.  Some stages of the self discovery process that creative people absolutely have to include are very deep levels of self searching and self understanding. Very often the very flow of creative output has everything to do with how they are trying to rectify the events that occur to them in their lives.  In other words, they create to work things and garner a better understanding.


~ Creative folks enjoy EXTREME emotional experiences. But confronted with one,  they complain that they long for peace and serenity.  Creative types are real walking dichotomies and can probably be very exhausting to the “normal” people in our lives.   Creative people love BIG, Hurt excruciatingly painfully, doubt themselves most often and can find no way to zip file themselves so that they can fit into the near stream of expectations of daily life. Creative people are ALL about feeling everything outside of the box.  Periods of stasis or serenity for a creative type can cause them to create unconscious havoc just to fill their need to feel something extreme.  They make good partners for people who are very very emotionally steady and are looking for a little counterbalance. J It’s all about the ying and yang folks J


~ And I have never met a “creative type” recently who isn’t in some way trying to figure out how the universe works and where their life fits in.  It’s all part of the parcel. Creativity involves the opening of the highest levels of chakral energy.  Creativity in a pure form – meaning making something completely new – involves allowing your highest mind to guide you in your work.  Have you ever experienced a time where you were doing something really enjoyable like playing guitar or painting writing or cooking where time just seemed to dissolve?  And of course it is not a coincidence that time seems to crawl at a snail’s pace when you are doing something you don’t enjoy right? This is because when someone is in a creative state, their personal energy vibrates at a rate that is most cohesive with the intention of the universe for them.  You are plugged into the highest source. So, it makes perfect sense that creative people also tend to be spiritual seekers. They look for the answers in a proactive way.  Creative people are the open minded philosophers that speak the only language that can bridge the gap between science, religion and culture.

A Creatively Maturing World?

~ More and more people are following their creative paths today.   I think the world has come to an age and a state of being where is it recognizing the need to open its global mind and look at other levels of possibilities in the solutions that we need to find to rectify the problems that imminently face us. That’s the big picture. The smaller picture is that, on an individual basis, every individual is required to undergo this “self search” in order to fully excavate the creative potential from within. The reason why creative types seem to struggle so is because they are in a constant fight between how they see the world, and how the world tell us it should be seen.

I have a very good friend who is a musician, songwriter, producer, guitar player, and teacher – basically he can do anything.  But he suffers from debilitating self doubt which has held back his periodically blossoming career. He spends so much time berating himself for even being self doubting, that his guilt makes it even worse. This in turn impairs his songwriting; his practicing goes to nothing because who wants to practice something that makes you feel shitty? And he begins to shrivel.  Then, like all of us, he will have a great moment and will feel the creative juices flowing, and then he feels his real power again.  But the mind, the ego and society have conspired in such a way as to try and put a cap on our voices of non-conformity since the debut of culture.  In the past conforming has benefitted us by showing us a method of survival. And it worked. We are here.  But, now these methods are no longer working, and the emphasis is shifting on the importance of the recognition of our personal energy and our connection to all living things.

This is what I want to tell my friend… That it is not an option to reach for that place inside yourself when you are singing or playing and to find the real you…that quiet peaceful you beyond your mind.   Once you have experienced that “Zen” peaceful feeling, like a perfect meditation and you know it’s there, you spend your whole life trying to find it again.  But your confidence can only come from a decision you make, with yourself. Its one thing to have talent, but it’s a complete other thing to have the courage to use it.  And the highest level comes when you can take that talent and know that its comes from a source far beyond you and from deep within.  When you realize that when you are not creating because you are afraid of opinions or judgment or even your own judgment, you are essentially diminishing your connection with the universe.  You are putting limitations on it based on your expectations. And frankly, it’s not about us. It’s about them.  So…keep on rockin’.

See you later Moose…


6 thoughts on “CREATIVE TYPES

  1. Psychologists have surmised that good creativity is a kind of insanity– but then they’ve said the same about good leadership. Personally, I am saved by creativity. It give life all it’s color!


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