Prayer for Newbies…

Good morning world – this has been a week of emotional turbulence and I am exhausted.

A catch up; my mother’s cancer was downgraded from stage 3b metastasized lung cancer to “in full remission”, a miracle.  My 15-year-old daughter was suspended from school for skipping; not a miracle.  She stayed home for her suspension day and helped me on the farm; a miracle. My husband and I had the most honest conversation ever, I talked, he listened and didn’t try to fix me; a miracle.  But I will tell you that it was not only medicine that cured her. Incredibly, she suffered no radical side effects, she gained instead of loosing weight to her dismay (hey…if you’re gonna have cancer, something good has to come from it right?), kept all of her hair, and her lymph nodes are clear. This was basically impossible. I attribute the miracle to prayer.  There were people throughout the world holding her in their thoughts and praying for healing.  The combined energy and intention of all of these people is what helped her healing.

Prayer is the  concentration of our most powerful force as human beings.  Prayer is the conscious intention to use our energetic link to the source of all creation to work on behalf of another human being.  It is a powerful force, not to be confused with the things I learned in church as a small child about prayer.

So my prayer this morning was “Good morning God, please don’t let me screw today up too bad. Good luck. Amen.”

Short, concise, no time-wasting (God’s a busy guy) and to the point.

Sometimes I pray VERY LONG, I will write a letter or sit and ramble on in my mind. Either way, things always go better for me when I take that time. Like I’m plugged into something very important. My relationship with God is pretty personal and relaxed now and prayer has allot to do with how I have defined God within myself.

There are a few written prayers I use in times of extreme stress where I need a connection that is pre-established and says what I need right away. Take the good to keep in case of emergency “Serenity Prayer”-

God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Definitely on my top ten list of pre-written prayers.  It can defuse even the most crazy thoughts you have when you just take a second to remember that the only thing that is really within your control in any situation is you.

The Lord’s prayer was off the books for me for a long time because it held that vision of God as separate from me, and I have simply grown to understand that this is not true and I don’t want to pretend like it is anymore. But one day, I received a very different version of the lords prayer, standing two feet to my ankles in deep horse muck in my horse’s field having a particularly hard time with a volatile emotional issue in my life.   I had reached a real crossroads where I had to change my thinking on something or go nuts. But I found I was really stuck in a circular pattern of mindful insanity.  My head would keep running with thoughts and ideas that were causing me incredible pain.  So, in that field, I somehow found myself on my knees doing something, or picking something up.  The thought struck me:

“Since you’re already down that low…”

Maybe it’s that I am getting older but I pay more close attention to the “voice in my head” than I used to.  Sometimes I even listen to it’s best intentions for me despite myself.

I stayed still trying to figure out how  to ask God to help me to not be so damned miserable and I was SO serious about my request and desire to be freed of that misery, that it really wouldn’t have mattered what I said in that prayer, but what came out what the Lord’s prayer – a la Jo.  I said the words slowly, and somehow the intensity of the meaning of them reached far beyond my prejudices rooted in the religion I was raised with, and I saw that the words were just sounds, but the meaning went far beyond the simplicity of the words.

Our Father who art in heaven…(Source that created me who lives in me, my heart and in the energy of my soul)

Hallowed be Thy Name  (Which is also my name because you created me)

Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be Done (I recognize that you live in me and that I have the choice to align myself with the intention of the universe today)

On earth as it is in heaven (What I do to the one I do to the All)

Give us this day our daily bread (let me hear your intention for my highest good today)

and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us (let me see the perfection that is You in everyone)

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (Keep me on the path that best fulfills the purpose of my soul)

For thine is the kingdom and the Glory forever and ever amen. (Because anything good in my life came from me following the intention God has for me)

This is my personal translation of the Lord’s prayer.  In the field that day, I got it. I  totally got it.  It has nothing to do with religion or belief, it has everything to do with connection and intent.

You don’t kneel in prayer because God needs you to be small and humble.   It is physical focus, bringing you the awareness you need to convey your thoughts.   You make yourself still and be there 100%.  Kneeling is your choice or not…God really doesn’t care. God doesn;t want to humiliate us, but being humble helps when following universal direction (as opposed to my own thinking – Thy will not mine.  ) God just wants to have a continuous running dialogue with you all the time, every day, every minute.  You can keep that dialogue while walking, kneeling, in the bath, in a meeting, while you’re arguing with your teenagers.  There are no prayer police.

Not only are there no rules but God has no needs! He doesn’t NEED you to pray.  YOU need YOu to pray, God doesn’t need anything from us.  God is God 🙂 Praying is what we do for ourselves, to create that intent to try to follow the path that is most meant for the highest purpose of your soul for the day.  I have never been able to fully believe that in order for God to hear me and know what I need I have to tell Him. I’m pretty sure he has it all covered without my direction.

So, my prayers are often an assumption that God has already “done for me what i cannot do for myself”. And it is always true.  I have never been let down.

Most of us suffer from a disease of perception which impairs our understanding of how things unfold.  It isn’t that the world is ‘wrong”, it’s that we see it through the veneer of our personal experiences which skews our vision of the things that happen in our lives.  You are a miracle worker.  You can create an incredible miracle every day of your life. It isn’t that miracles don’t exist in the world; miracles are all around you. It’s as though we are wearing debilitating opaque glasses that only let us see the shadows of our lives.  Prayer is the conscious act of taking those glasses off and seeing life as it really is.  Although our problems are very small in the context of the universe  our intentional act of prayer connects us to a grander power to use the God energy that originally created them makes them an incredible force of nature.  Problems turned into power.   With the connection to God you can create miracles at the touch of your hand, the curve of your smile or the swipe of your pen.

Some of my prayers come from other religions.  “Hahm-Sah” – a simple Sanskrit prayer of the highest order means  “I Am”.   You pray with breathe in Sanskrit and so, the HAHM is your inhale and Sahhhhh is your exhale. I use it regularly in meditation to remind me that I have the responsibility of the God speak within my heart.  There is no one religion that has the corner on the prayer market.  Wisdom is to be found everywhere.

And sometimes like this morning,  I just throw the ball high in the air, knowing that it will be caught and held and cared for and thrown back to me when I can handle it again.

“Here’s my life God…please take good care of it. Thanks”.

God needs nothing from me, except maybe for me to pay a little more attention to the wonderfulness of my life.

“I’m on it God. Thanks for a great day”.

~ Namaste~


5 thoughts on “Prayer for Newbies…

  1. I love to read your thoughts. They are so inspiring and comforting. They should be compiled in a book. I’d be the first to buy it. Today, like yesterday, I thank God for the return of you to my daily life. Louise


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