I was just watching a really interesting video, you might want to take a look, on spiritual awakening off of YouTube. not done in the usual home-made YouTube style, it was pretty pro.  I watched it with tears in my eyes.  and afterwards I never do this, but I took the time to read some of the comments.  The movie discusses an emerging global consciousness which is occurring through individual experiences in mass numbers throughout the planet. They talk about common “symptoms” of what they call a “spiritual awakening”. What i saw in this video made me feel not alone in this experience.  I thought maybe if you’re following my blog you might need to see it too.  It’s well done and short. Go get a tea 🙂



Amazing? I questioned everything for three years. Absolutely everything came up on the chopping block. if it didn’t work for me, it had to go. And frankly I found the more open I became to the signs the universe gives you when something is good for you or bad for you…the more I was able to see that really, it’s not difficult. You just have to become willing to try thinking about life a very different way. Signs and symbolism and intuition are definitely worth paying attention to. Also intuitive capabilities skyrocketed, and suddenly I needed to write about it.  I have written every single major thought since this time. And I am back into learning. I read everything now as much as I can. I become overwhelmed with moments of intense love for everyone and everything. I can feel physically the life of the world around me.  I have to say I am pretty lucky and I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the universe has planted me on a 22 acre horse farm.  I spend my days pretty much quietly in tune with nature and music, since I am also lucky enough to be a professional musician.  My life has seen its shares of ups and downs and that period of my life was a particularly low down.

But, I know that whatever it was that was given to me that night, I can never see th e world I such a dark and disparaging sense again. When I read about near death experiences, what I had was about as close to that as you can come without dying. I won’t bore you with the details of the experience itself, although to say I have written the whole thing earlier on this site if you want to read it in detail.  It happened for me in a dream.  I had experienced an all time low depression. I was on depression medication and I was dying from the inside out. Doctors would rather medicate me than help me find understanding,a dn I would rather find a pill to make me happy because at the time I knew no other way.

“My relationship with God was the same as my relationship with Doctors and most authority I supposed; I was taught that I had to respect them because they knew more about something which  regarded me than I did.  I was raised in a  church where I was taught that God was contacted through the priest, and that the priest had some secret about God the rest of us didn’t have, but that if we didn’t listen to him, we would never have it either. I never got the secret frankly. The video talks about this occurrence happening to many people.  This was fascinating to me because I think the back of my mind is convinced that I am quite delusional. I mean what I understand the world to be today and what I thought it to be just a few years ago is so completely different, I can’t even begin to describe all the things I have seen and done since then.

So, I’ll get back to my long-winded story. I was reading the responses to this video because I wanted to read other people who had related. I hadn’t considered that some of the responses may actually be ANGRY.  This one in particular really threw me off guard:

This is pure crap for the gullible and insane. 52-year-old woman who lives near Berkeley is walking around scanning for “coincidences.” She fears sex because of past trauma, and has been duped repeatedly by “spiritual” men. One such idiot put rocks on her naked body, dry humped her and left while she laid there frozen with terror in a fetal position. She cuts herself (self injures) and cannot feel love. She’s delusional and being led by this nonsense.

What do you say to a guy who has an obvious level of compassion for a near stranger, enough to randomly exclaim his opinion on a public web site?  But who’s mind has been closed by blame and misperception?

I’m sorry for your friend…and yes that kind of stuff is insanity.  But…this spiritual awakening does not preclude FREE WILL.  It does not demand anything…it only asks that you stand still. Looks to me like she hasn’t gotten there yet and is choosing a whole lot of crazy pain on her journey. But again friend…it is free will.  I hope she finds some contentment and peace soon and will keep you both in my thoughts.

What else can you say to someone experiencing that?  Feeling helpless?  The world is a CRAZY place. We have done some really really bad things, and there is a time of reckoning ahead, where we have to find a way to regain balance. That isn’t RELIGION or prophecy – it is just LOGIC.  But, things are changing in the time that they were meant to change.  I know this for sure now and I have to say, the world has become a much softer and gentler place for me.  It seems that as I feel less controversy inside of myself, less controversy naturally finds me.  It’s a lovely way to live – even with all the craziness. ~Namaste friends~ and I do mean that 🙂





4 thoughts on “WAKING UP

  1. I am just starting to be aware of that feeling of love for everything and everyone. I wish I was planted on a 22 acre farm. Isolation and solitude is hard to come by in the suburbs and I find I need much of both to feel at peace. namaste to you, too. I am off to watch the video, thanks for sharing it.


    1. Sheila…welcome to your AWAKE life 🙂 lots of people are experiencing this sense of connection. It will come and go, until it is more there than not…if that makes any sense 🙂 The point will be to find peace in chaos…so in your busy life…see the “stillness” around all the forms of crazy that enter your life. Be objective stand back and watch things unfold. Sometimes my isolation on the farm is limiting because I am so quiet here. But in life I am also a performer so I go from here to thousand of people and noise evrey tiem I do shows lol…quite a change 🙂 Peace sis…happy easter.


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