The BIG Questions

Has it become “uncool” to openly ponder and question the meaning of our existence?  As an evolving culture have we moved away from asking the Big Questions so that we can focus our energies increasingly on material advancements rather than philosophical? My understanding of history tells me that it was much more fashionable long ago to discuss philosophy and larger concerns than it is today.  At social gatherings, we barely get past knowing someone’s name. Have we lost some sort of desire to understand the world on a more metaphysical level than it is today?   Our earliest books spoke about only that; God, Philosophy, superstition and mythology.  More than desiring to pass on “physical” knowledge, such as planting techniques or shelter building materials people had discovered, early literature and art most often described the spiritual aspect of a culture.  Therefore I must assume that those early cultures placed spiritual things at their center and chose them as the most important things to represent them to future generations.  I’m almost afraid to know what our modern literature will say about us. Some of the earliest books are now considered holy books. The Bible, Qur’an, Torah, Old Testament, Gnostic gospels are all thousands of years old and are believed to try to give us an understanding of what is required of us by God.  All of the stories are different but hold many similarities at the same time. These representations helped to shape our culture and belief systems up until today.

It seems that much of what we read in those early books was based on discovery.  Humans are curious, and just like babies we began our stint here on earth in discovery mode.  First we looked, and observed and learned from what we saw. But we still didn’t understand very much so we connected events in the only way our minds could, creating myths and fairy tales to explain the things we couldn’t understand.  Witches and ghosts and spirits which interacted with the natural world. Coming from some indiscernible darkness – the stories which manifestly represent our fears.  Later on, philosophers and authors like Plato and Aristotle helped to shape the very fabric of the culture upon which we stand today.  These were men who basically spent their entire lives thinking.  but much of their thoughts were developed in conversation and interchange with others of like-minded or oppositional thinking.  Their thoughts were developed through a gathering of ideas.  They observed and recorded their observations often through telling stories which someone else would write down.  They did not set out in their lives to become great men, but by being simply connected to the calling of their deepest longings, without any great technology and being relatively poor and without amenities amazingly they had an enormous impact on us.  But we have become arrogant in our self perception as a culture. We believe we are better than and more evolved…smarter…than our early ancestors.  When you think back on early man, do you immediately assume their ignorance?  Do you think of prehistoric man and associate them to early, ignorant, superstitious knuckle dragging monkeys? I suppose Hollywood has helped contribute to this understanding, but it’s wrong.

What I would like you to consider is that we have in some ways evolved, mostly physically and materially, but in other ways we have devolved, as in our connection to the natural world has fallen away in lieu of intellectual reason-based pursuits.   It is this mis-understanding of our energetic relationship to the world that we have lost. Something that early humans were deeply imbued with because they had only their emerging physical senses upon which to survive.  We are at a point in our evolution where we are moving beyond this into an emerging understanding that we are more multidimensional than this.  But in order for this understanding to really spread quickly enough (because we are in a race against time for the planet, let’s face it), it needs to become common fare once again to ponder the meaning of our existence.  We know this intuitively. Our intuition is how the universe speaks to us.  The more we can listen to that intuition, the more able we will be to do what we have to in our lives to contribute to the greater good.  I believe the Universe is speaking to us all quite loudly at this time; we need only listen.

The reason for the emerging success of programs such as EPONA, (an equestrian program which seeks to help individuals reconnect to their inner selves through working with horses), is that the emergence of our intuitive senses is causing us to want to become more fully rounded in our development. Therefore we are being guided back to reconnecting with the natural world on an energetic level. On a spiritual level we are becoming consciously aware that we are all connected as living beings. Certain universal truths are coming to light which are causing us to become manifestly more responsible in our decisions regarding one another and the planet. We are returning to an age of philosophy.  Let’s face it, if you are reading this article it is because you are curious and are asking the big questions already. Maybe you will find answers here and maybe you won’t but at least you will know that someone else is asking the same questions. Maybe you haven’t become conscious of it, but when you seek out information about yourself and the world you live in, you begin a journey of understanding from which you can’t turn back.

In Joseph Gurdjieff’s “Tales of Beelzebub to His Grandson”, he spends his entire introduction apologizing for not being a very good writer and for messing with his reader’s reality.  He is sincere in his desire to warn the reader that what they will read in his discoveries will change their understanding of their life as they know it right now. He tells them not to read on if they are contented with their life and don’t want it to change very much.  I feel very much the same way.

Spiritual understanding, or macrocosmic living is freedom, this is true. But the road to get there is not easy.  Maybe some of us make it harder for themselves than is necessary, but I am certain that everything I went through in my past that has led me to the understanding I have today has been for a purpose.  But every once in a while, I must admit, I miss the blinders I wore for so many years.

It is important that we open these philosophical dialogues openly in our cultures and subcultures.  We need to regain the focus on the macrocosmic view like the ancient philosophers.  We need to become more conscious of the relative unimportance of our daily lives and circumstances and realize how very important it is to come to an understanding of the purpose and strength of our interior energetic selves.  This doesn’t mean that you should quit your job and begin meditating for food. Life still has to be lived.  The success, if you can call it that, is in achieving a balance of the two worlds.  Macro and microcosmic living combined is the next stage of our human evolution.


5 thoughts on “The BIG Questions

  1. in hindsight, my blinders seemed to block the good of the Universe from my eyes, so I am glad to be rid of them. Enjoyed this post a lot. Gurdjieff’s book sounds wonderful, although its length and the need to have a high mental focus while reading it intimidates me.


    1. Hi Sheila 🙂 Gurdjieff wrote a series of books which describe a philosophy he developed called The Fourth Way. It is an integration of religious concepts that is not conflicting. a pretty interesting philosophy…but yeah heavy reading. I dont suggest you start there lol. Try Caroline Myss “Entering the Castle” if you want to do a really deep search of soul information. It is an awesome book. ~peace and thanks for reading me :))


  2. Dear Josee,

    These are questions that I have asked myself several times, at different life intervals, in my life. They are at the forefront of my Being once again. Thank you God. It is when I ask myself these fundamental and philosophical questions that I feel most connected to myself, others, and Nature. I feel simple, kind, compassionate, and open.

    In my own life, I am seeking to live in line with my Essence (my spirit, my intuition), in my work and in my relationships with others. I seek to bring back the discussion and inclusion of Essence or Spirit or Soul into my daily life. I am fortunate to have one very dear friend with whom I can have these discussions. Somehow though, I know these discussions could go even deeper with you.

    How is it that we, as a society, are moving so so fast toward greater materialism (as you mentioned) and further and further away from what really matters? We need to make space, ample space, for our selves to connect with our souls. I am spending much more time with my soul on a daily basis. I love my soul – my true Essence – and who I am when I’m connected. What a wonderful world it would be if we could all connect at that deep level. ahhhh… Namaste cousin. Lou


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