Update on the Clairvoyant Brazillian Houseguest and our Ghosts…

I thought I’d let everyone know an update regarding the recent intrusion of a few restless spirits into our very old farm-house.

As first mentioned, our new house guest, a very sweet half Japanese half Brazilian woman is living here with our dear friend and one of my musical partners.  She is amazingly sweet, gentle and has been deathly ill since her arrival into Canada by her subsequent subjection to a variety of illnesses that have even the most die-hard maple syrup eating, beaver smacking, hockey playing Canadian down for the count.  My heart really hurt for her, she looked like hell.  Not exactly a romantic entrance into her new country and marriage.

But things are looking up and I actually got to spend some time with her not barfing..she is really delightful.  Something about her “Japaneseness” makes me speak more softly and be more conscious of the strength of my delivery…which is WAY over the top most of the time.  Shhhhh Jo. Sheesh.

The way they see life in Brazil and the way we see it here is obviously different, but the differences are more than just basic..they are fundamental. North America as far as I know is one of the only place son the earth which has no common rituals or belief systems regarding the dead.  Along with a quickly catching up Europe, which nevertheless has a much richer folkloric history than North America but is also loosing it’;s strong connections to the energy fo the earth through modernization and industrialization. However, most of the world’s thirds world cultures observe a strict set of belief systems regarding their living interactions with the dead and the energy of the planet in general. In second world countries like Brazil there is a blending of the two, where it seems to be a predominantly Christian culture, as perceived because of the Jesus with outstretched Arms towering over Rio di Jinero, but in the  lives of the Brazilian people, many perform regularly energetic healing techniques, preferred by many above modern medicine.  My guest for example, accidentally drank poison as a young child as by the time they rushed her to hospital, her entire stomach and throat and jaw had been eroded by the terrible acid.

Her father, a Joh rei Minister performed healing on her for one night, and according tp her the next day she awoke hungry, the scars were well on their way to healing and here she sits in front of me with the most perfect Brazillian-Japanese skin I have ever seen on a human being.  My skeptical mind jumps in to protest, but I only have to look in her eyes to know that this is a true story.

Brazilians and other nature based cultures rely on the energy of ancestors to guide them with their accumulated wisdom. They relieve this wisdom in meditation. meditation and prayer are an integral part of Brazilian life; every home has an altar at which people pray together, as a family or with neighbours daily. Not only respect for the dead but an apparent willingness to be of service to those caught betwixt and between worlds.

North America and Europe, the two mostly non-land based continents, where the majority of individuals on these continents do not survive off of the land, but have access to modern amenities.  These amenities have succeeded in making the “1st” world nation priorities less about the basic needs of survival and security and more about personal achievement.  It ahs made us survival wimps. We live in a system based on egoistic demands of egoic individuals, and frankly we have lost our capacity to survive, in a very basic sense, due to these “amenities”.

Second and third world countries are not so unfortunate. They have not become tethered by a frantic daily race to an impossible finish line.  They haven’t devloped themselves stupid.  In countries such as Costa Rica, I observed that most people did not work to do anything else but earn the day’s food.  Most people live simply in small houses with sand floors.  Men and boys fish in the afternoon for the evening meal.  Sometimes they charge tourists rent for car spaces in the smaller villages we frequent and make a small amount of money living circumstance to circumstance.  They also don’t seem bothered by their “lack of security”.  We saw people chatting friendly and always waving hello to one another, even if they weren’tacquainted.  It is a happy place, with little stress and a solid sense of family and community. No place is perfect I suppose, and certainly ever society has individuals who will over work and create overabundance for themselves and inequity in the culture, thereby forcing them to focus on their “stuff” rather than the more important issues abounding in real life. But I’d like to think that there are many places in the world where they don’t hold the majority like they do in the United States with Canada pulling a close second.

It’s a tremendous opportunity having someone from such a different belief system so close, and her perspective is especially interesting as she was brought up in the city, with a father who was a Jo Rhei minister and a mother who was an emotional challenge at best.  Having been a conduit since she was a young girl she talks easily about stories where from the time she was about 5 years old she can remember seeing many people around her, but most of them were dead.  Sometimes she couldn’t tell the difference so she always touches your arms to make sure you’re real when talking to you. At  five years old, when her memories begin, her third eye hadn’t closed up as it does in children at around 7 years old. Before this age,  children can see much more than we can but they either a) don’t think it’s strange enough to report because having friends in any shape is so normal for them or b) they don’t have the words to convey what they are seeing.

Her stories are fascinating and entirely credible if for no other reason than she absolutely believes what she is saying.  There is not one hint of deception in this girl’s eyes and I respect her openness, although to her it’s just normal to believe in another sphere of reality.  People who hold these beliefs as agreements with their lives seem to uphold a greater degree of humility. They don’t make a habit of burdening themselves with human things like making more money or buying more stuff.  They are living in the space which always seeks the deeper reasons, connections and synchronicity.

So, after a ritual drumming last Sunday which was done exclusively for the proper delivery of said Spirits to their rightful places, there has been strangely little activity in our house.  It’s quiet, and actually feels “lighter” if that is a good word to describe something so insidious as an energetic change.  I’m a little scared to admit it, but I miss the little energies I sensed around me, late at night when I would sneak out of bed to write in the moonlight.  I felt like I had some strange type of companionship which is somehow now missing. Now that’s strange. 🙂


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