Planet earth is depressed! There seems to be an encroaching apathy, a tiredness that is creeping over us like a dark unwanted blanket.  This is not the kind of depression that can be staved off with a pill or a quick fix solution. It is a depression borne of global spiritual emptiness; the only solution to this kind of depression is a significant change in perception.  This change in perception can only be motivated by a universal desire to survive, because remaining in this state of perception will surely only lead to more disasters. We reached an all time “hit-the-wall” feeling with the Cold War of the 1970’s and 80’s. This

was a time where youth were so greatly affected by daily reports of “imminent catastrophe” and all of the “way too much
information” reports on the effects of nuclear fallout, that many changed their future plans to reflect a “care-less” attitude,
especially regarding materialism, than their parents had in the preceding generation. For the first time in history, we saw a greater popular response to
“hate”, and tones of music became rough and angry. Unlike in the past generations, where parents had objected to sexual content, now music became

In the 1950’s and 60’s my older siblings were being taught to “tightly curl up in a ball” under their school desks should a nuclear bomb happen to land nearby. They told me about the regular drills they had. Such was the difference in what the general public knew then compared to today about the creations that we had created! Technology has lifted the veil of ignorance off of the average “Joe-human”, and many more cultures now have access to the truth of what is happening in the world and around them. Information will eventually breed knowledge, which will breed understanding. But, before peace, there must first occur a motivated “re-adjustment” in understanding, which is what we are living through now in this emerging global consciousness. We are riding the wave of readjustment, as our “evolving selves” integrate the now complete mind-body connection with the soul. The aspect of ourselves which is eternal and now is turning on and waiting to be heard in the voice of intuition and the signs of synchronicity and coincidence.

We have chosen this state of the world for ourselves; it is reflected in our very own creations! Let’s face it, we may blame the minds that we hired to create our weapons of mass destruction (Oppenheimer et…), but in truth it is only the belief system and endorsement of our culture that could create that kind of power. These are weapons of ultimate hatred. Movements of thought create movements of thought; thought is pure powerful energy. Nothing that you think is real, and yet nothing can become real without you thinking it! This is the paradox within which we must walk the fine line between our human lives, and our soul’s destiny. The balance is precarious and due diligence must be applied daily.

Where with our technological creations we have been motivated by fear, reprisal, and ego, today we see that if we have the capacity to create destruction, we have an equal capacity to move CREATION. Eras fraught with the greatest conflict and fear, historically, have also been times in which we find the greatest leaders. We have never been left without leadership in times of trouble, nor would we will be in the coming times. The fact that we are still HERE – even though we long ago elected to create things that could easily destroy us many times over, is a true testament to the will of man to survive. We have placed OURSELVES above our conflicts already…and this is a positive sign.

Our relationship with authority has also changed, and as the Tao Te Ching expresses so well; the greatest moral compass we have is within ourselves, and so, there really should be, in a perfect world, no need for outside authority outside of our own. Socio-Philosophers such as Barbara Marx Hubbard believe that we are at a stage of our evolution where we can actually consciously CONTROL the direction of our evolution. This is a very important concept, the idea of which has caused of flood of new perceptions to come into my own reality. The possibility of consciously controlling our evolution by co-creating our own lives with the
Creator of the Universe, because our minds have evolved to such a level as to allow us a small glimpse into eternity. A small crack to let in a flood of
light that is washing over everything we touch. The ego is comfortable…it is habitual. It feels like “an old friend” comfortable in our discomfort
simply because it has become habitual. Disconnection and fear however seem to be the by-products of an ego driven life.

What are we teaching our children?  We need a generation with hope, not this depressed insolvent thinking which we find ourselves in currently. The world is cutting itself free of didactical linear religious thinking. This is because we are approaching a time where everyone sense their greater connection to the planet and everything that is alive. Religions, by their originating purpose, raise one person above another in their ability to communicate with God through their leaders. This, immediately, cancels out the intention of God, which is to unite us all under his energy and move us towards where we will rise above our histories and enter a new era of thought and evolution on this planet.  Our children are the crucial carriers of this hopeful banner and they must be taught to find the spirit within themselves.  Times of looking for Source energy outside of ourselves through conventionalism and fundamental religious philosophy are finished.  Today those affected by the global shift are finding this powerful source much closer to home.

Relying on this inner “God sense” is becoming a reality, both within and without of organized religions for children in the western world as much as for children in the eastern cultures who may have had a greater opportunity to explore this important human capacity through their more accepting cultural beliefs which often lean towards understanding the flow of the energy of the world. This flow, and the pursuit of its understanding, lends itself naturally to silence
and the inner silence required for attention to the soul. The recognition of intuition as a valid source of communication between us and the divine source began for me with a series of strange and synchronistic events in my life. During this time, someone had recommended a book to me called “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield. I guess I had been searching for answers to unanswerable questions and they saw their own struggle in me. I read the book fervently, and found myself drawn into it. It was just the final cherry on the cake to convince me that everything that I had experienced personally, could not, as I had secretly suspected be from random design, because everything he spoke about in his book, in synchronistic terms, I could relate to from my  own recent experiences. Yet another coincidence…but I didn’t see them that way anymore.

Slowly over time, I was reminded that life is not random, and that there was something else in charge out there. I knew it somewhere inside of me, but I don’t think I ever actually really truly believed anything. I just tried to act “as if” because my soul had always called me to seek, I had just come up short on
finding any answers. It struck me as a final irony that the solution to this problem would eventual lead me to understanding that less “doing
and more just “being” would be my saving grace. It would allow me the space in my mind to receive the imaginative thoughts that I know come from

There are certain  types of dreams that allow us to go “beyond” ourselves and give us a moment of peace and a reminder of where my guide comes from. This
dream was life altering for me, and I have been driven to learn and experience more and more and the days and months continue.

This doesn’t mean that I am not tortured by human concerns. This would eliminate a part of why we choose to be here. This struggle our soul has with our humanity is the soul’s version of “the gym”, and it grows stronger with each decision and choice that we make this is aligned with our highest good. Each day, more and more people are making decisions this way; a life with a higher purpose in mind.




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