Winds of Change…

The winds are a howlin tonight as they say in the America midwest.  They suffered great destruction from unikely tornadoes last night.  The Canadian maritime s are experiencing thunder during a snow storm. Who has ever heard of such a thing?  Such rapid clashing of two systems causing effects that we have never seen before. 

The red Tides run all over the place in the Pacific this year; from Vancouver to Nicargaua and Costa Rica, everyone is complaining about their abnormally long presence in the waters. The problem is that these tides are a form of algae which consume resources as they waft through the ocean appearing as a red cloud.  Some people told me that one year it was so bad that all of the fish appeared dead or stunned on the coastlines.  Something very abnormal in what is generally considererd clean water is occurring and it is only a small symptom of an environmental back lash we are seeing globally.  Tonight I am grateful for the solid and safe life I have today, but I do pray for the strength to sustain the changes that are coming shortly. 




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