Unimagine the UNIMAGINABLE

Just back from Costa Rica, having come from the cold dead of winter into the vibrant aliveness of that living place and I feel changed in ways I have never really experienced before so please forgive me if I don’t express myself very well.  I feel like I am exploring a new level of understanding that I could never have guessed at.  I’m starting (I said STARTING!) to understand that the power we are looking for is really deeply welled within our very selves.  That in fact we are the energy of the All.  Like the beatles said “I am he and you are me and me is she and we are all together”, or something like that.

There are some enlightened souls along our historical path that have ultimately, upon investigation and study all pointed us in the same direction. Buddha, Jeshua, YwEh, Mohammed,Gandhi, Dali Lama…however different their methods and whatever their appeal, we have all been pointed in the same ultimate direction; that  To know yourself is the BIG PICTURE. It’s your goal. And finding your highest level of positive forward creative expression is the greatest achievement of your life. However you choose to do that is where free-will comes in.

I hear many people today who feel the need to express a loud and decidedly public opinion against organized religion. There is even increased public appeal for ” public leaders” who condemn organized religion; the public thinks it makes them all feel more “liberal” and therefore politically correct. It is almost a reason for public stoning for someone to admit a strong religious affiliation, because the limitations that organizational religions places on our current emerging understanding of the energy we sometimes refer to as God, love, Tao, whatever, is more expansive that even our language can express.  We are sensing this higher level of intuitive connectedness.

And so Religion has become our “fall guy”.  We are too afraid to blame ALL of our problems on the ineffectiveness of our governments because if everyone who thought government was inneffectual and destructive voiced it out loud and at 0nce, it is conceivable that the earht would shake off its axis for the energy shift that would occur in us as a people.

And yet we continue to live in fear; fear of the power and effort that will be required to affect real change in the world. I hear people and read things every single day that really speak to support this ongoing rapid change in global consciousness.

Mostly I see it in my children.  My son, at 17 years old, was always smart enough, since a young child, to be questioning the authority of my opinion on spiritual teaching.  Throughout his life he fought me hard, and despite a parents natural influence, (which apparently diminishes significantly as the children near puberty)somehow has begun understanding things in a way that, well frankly, kids 30 years ago would simply not have been able to wrap their minds around.

I think this is part of the good news.  I believe we are in a time where it is EXACTLY THE RIGHT MOMENT (even with the concept of “Time” being as questionable as it is right now)  where for the first time in history we either have the essential ability to have a conscious understanding of how we are evolving and to know where we are heading.  I think part of the problem is twofold:  1)  Blind unconscious fear in great part still exists and 2) we know where we are heading. This planet is full of our problems.

Everyone,. it seems, is being guided towards a path of service and individual enlightenment (whatever that means for you).  Many talk about things of higher understanding. I find people like this, really strangers but we know each other instinctively,  in random places at random times. I always learn something.

Synchronicity and coincidence have become a better way to make major decisions than taking personal control through ego.

We rely on gut now and know it more often than not to be the truth. We know better how to hear ourselves.

You maybe feel younger, or more physically well.  Like a new energy is within you.

I have met tons of people around the world with similar experiences and have enjoyed sharing stories with them one and all.  It’s amazing to take the time to really get to know people as much as you can within the circumstances you are given.  You just can’t lose cause everyone is really amazing and has something to teach.

I understand that no one “likes” everyone, I really do get that.  But I also can see clearly that the people who have the most conflict with the outside world; lawsuits, arguments, anger or resentments, are also the same people who have the most problems in their personal relationships. They are the aggressive “always angry” people. They are always looking for a fight, and therefore always protecting themselves. They are really hard to get to know on a one to one basis simply because they are so self protective;  they know somewhere inside of them that because they put out that kind of energy, they will surely attract it.

Ironically it’s their own sense of lack that fills them with these personality traits that sometimes don’t work so well with other people.  Just as it is in physics, “like attracts like”.

I’m interested in what’s going on in the world on a much deeper level now.  I was always interested in the way government ran. Even as young as 15 and in University (what a party…wow.) I was a Poli. Sci. major with a secret love for greek philosophers and a deep hatred of 80’s music.  None of this has changed I am thankful to report. 

But what I know now is first off, most of them were wrong.  The moment someone takes an idea and holds it as UNCHANGEABLE AND UNALTERABLE (socialism, democracy, communism, democratic monarchy, Totalitarianism – WHATEVER…they are wrong, because absolutely nothing is unchangeable or unchanging (absolutely nothing, including ourselves) and so a system that is created should be based on the premise of flexibility and change. It is simply the only kind of political system that can work in the  upcoming wave of consciousness that is occurring around the world.

As David Bourne said in “Global Shift”, the world is coming into a new way of intuitively understanding “higher morality”, which is represented by their instinct towards what is moral and right and not by the previous possibly incorrect morality modeled to us by what Caroline Myss calls our “tribes”.  we are making our own choices about right and wrong.

This is going to be a great year, filled with interesting ups and downs.  Lets all remember we’re just here to experience whatever it is we are experiencing…and yes that includes the worst and the best of them.  Try and get what you can “from the inside” in each of these experiences.  Then move on.  If we stop dragging th past along with us, both individually and internationally, we will all be much better off.

ironically this is all stuff we already know.

For example, if the world debt is such a problem, and the resources that represents it no longer exist (which in most cases they don’t) then why don’t we just forget world public debt?  It’s really not that tough.  What would happen if we wipe the slate clean.

we don’t borrow money anymore. No one lends…no one borrows.  We just make sure everyone has what they need.

It’s really not a big leap, and we all know this is doable.  We are only starting to be at the place wheer we can envision it happening, but the possibility does exist.

A society, like that envisioned by Gene Roddenberry of all people, where currency no longer exists, where study and higher learning, expression of creativity is the highest goal of the individual.  Where people accepted each other’s REALLY ALIEN differences with understanding, and educated diplomacy.  It was an ideal culture, but what we do know from the past if that is someone can envision it then it is possible, nothing is possible before we bring it into creation and the first step in that is always through our imaginations.

where does imagination come from?  Do you ever ask yourself where your “from left field” gut feelings that turn out to be right come from?  Or your solution to a complex problem that others were perhaps struggling with?  have you ever wondered where your “talent” comes from.  Everyone is good at something…what are you good at?

But many people question the “purpose” or validity of their highest creative talent. The guitar player who puts it aside to work 9-5 for his family. The lawyer who can’t find time for the trombone, or the guy who delivers the groceries to your house who, in his land, was considered a master drummer and that made him nearly royalty.  He probably doesn’t go home and play his djembe after a day of delivering groceries.

Many people question the purpose and validity because in order for us to be working in the realm of creativity, certain other aspects of our lives must be taken care of. As in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we find that we can be more creative when we know where we will get our next meal and having a roof over our heads can really help too.  Many artists don’t see ‘earning a living” through their art as a viable alternative to working in what they ay consider mundane.
But there are as far as I am concerned certain universal concepts at work when it comes to the creative soul:
1- The purpose of life is to know yourself
2- the purpose of humanity is to live an experience for the thing that made us all alive (god, energy Tao…whatever) we are God’s experience.
3- Finding our inner creative nature is the ULTIMATE ACT OF KNOWING YOURSELF.
4- It is your SOLE (soul) PURPOSE to know yourself as you really are. Creativity (in whatever form) is the ONLY honest route to this.
5- Art is for YOU and FOR OTHERS allows us to face the (everyone has it) fear of humiliation…the only way to reaching humility is to look at this issue straight in the eye and decide it is not going to be allowed to make decisions on your behalf. Humility doesn’t mean we don’t get stage fright or get nervous at sharing what we create with others…it means we give credit in our minds and hearts to where credit is due. Art doesn’t come from US…it comes from SPIRIT (Inspiration = inward breathe = Inward spatial focus…THROUGH us. You just have to allow.
I am not trying to be all “wooey” about this, but I am sure you have as I have faced this issue a KABILLION times over the years…and frankly it has probably been your major life struggle (chosen BY you by the way…we all choose our “main issues” prior to coming back this time around) all of your life.  You try to fit in, be right, do right, be good.  We all have done it, so it’s ok for you to admit it. And we will  face this “validation issue” OVER AND OVER in this and other lives  until we decide that relying on our intuitive senses of purpose is the highest calling we can have.
But you have to make a decision. There are actions you have to take to validate yourself (operative word here being yourself). The art I do is the ultimate expression of how my soul feels. But why is that important?  I am just one little shrimp in a great big sea. I will live, I will die and most likely I will leave such a little impression that in 50 years people will already have forgotten me. Aha…but what if something I can do today (creatively) can somehow contribute to someone (feeling better about themselves for example) and so they make a better choice for themselves ; like the woman who came to see SoulFusion play music and she decided suicide (after hearing Calling All Angels) was not the right choice for her on that day after all. We are the only creations blessed with the capacity to EXPRESS emotion through artistic representation.  Why don’t we think that this is amazing? Because other than that…we are no more important or impacting than a blade of grass or a lady bug.
Ask yourself questions (be REALLY BRUTALLY HONEST):
1) Why do you make art?
2) Who do you make it for?
3) Do you hope it has a higher purpose beyond personal satisfaction? or do you create to enrich only promote your satisfaction with yourself? (there are no good or bad right or wrong answers…they are only for you to know yourself better).
4) If you had no restrictions, all of the possible materials available, time and health…what would you want your art to do? What purpose would you give it “if you could choose” what it would do? Make people happy? Stay in your closet? Change the world? Save a life? What? Decide…and be honest with yourself.
5) What do you want to GET OUT OF doing your art? Financial security? Fame or recognition? Validation? Friends?
Then…once answered you have to make a decision…to be very brave. It takes ALLOT of faith and courage to create at a high level (all faculties involved in the creation…no matter what it is…is always a challenge). But YOU ARE BRAVE!  The fear of “not being good enough” maybe has had a huge impact on you, like no many people who try to think outside of the box.  I had it pretty bad, even with all the support my family and friends gave me through the years, I chose to hear only the negative things in my own head about myself, thinking that was what i deserved. Ridiculous. But the work to get out of that kind of thinking takes time and I have found that I am certainly not alone in my experience.
I don’t think depression needs to be managed as a medical condition.  I think depression need to be addressed on a psycho-spiritual level. It is crippling north america.  I find in the countries I travel to where the population is basically in touch with the earth more than the modern industrialized world, the experience of the native culture is generally more relaxed and well-balanced. These are NOT depressed people!  They seem to be happier people with really clear and community oriented priorities. In other words, they aren’t always thinking about themselves like we do, all holed up in our gated communities, not even bothering to make meals for our families anymore, fast food restaurants feeding us poison and shit, TV that eliminates our ability to think for ourselves. NO WONDER we are a nation of depressed people!  we so busy worrying about a recession that hasn’t really happened yet that quite frankly we are putting ALL OF OUR ENERGY into CREATING a recession that wouldn’t have happened in the first place had we not imagined it.  Imagine and create all sorts of things! War, rape, murder, child abuse, prostitution, drug addiction. remember, only what we imagine can be created. So, we are all responsible for it.
And until we decide to drop our guns and stand up straight be seen that we are all coming from the exact same place and we are all going to the exact same place – which is everywhere and nowhere – we will continue to believe that these acts are IMAGINEABLE.
Please decide to make these concepts UNIMAGINABLE in your life.  This is not a small deal. If ten people in a  community suddenly decide to change; they decide not to fight back, not to be paranoid, not to buy a gun, not to tolerate bigotry and hatred…can you imagine how this will flow forward and impact?  I know there are already so many people out there who are doing the right things.   Go out of your way to help. Get to know your neighbors. Join a community group in which you are doing work which is totally uncompensated and unrecognized, like making coffee for an old people’s bridge group, where you are never seen, you just get to just do the work and leave.  This is good for your humility.   And stop accepting the unacceptable in your politicians.! MY GOD who are you letting lead the world? Are these ridiculous people REALLY your voice? I don’t think so…I just think the world is only now starting to figure out a way to even HAVE its own voice and that is through technology.  It can be our savior or our downfall depending on how each individual uses it. For example, the MEDIA leads the world; please don’t be mistaken.  Wake up and stop paying attention to their fear-hate mongering. CNN, FOX, ABC…all bullshit.  Self serving crap giving you a distorted view of whats happening in the world. I’m sure there are a handful of honest well-intentioned journalists out there, but even so they are brainwashed by a state mandate, and can;t even realize that they are unclear as to their purpose.  They continuously and insidiously cite their opinions (and therefore “our opinion” on  world events, according to the mandate of their government at the time.  To do anything else might uncover the truth of whats been going on int he world, and we all know that the world is not quite ready to handle the truth.
But if you want to make a change, turn off your tv’s, go outside and TALK to people. First start by understanding the world in which you live.
You are looking for an ego-free existence, where you see each experience as contributing to the greater sum of your life, whether it be a pleasant or unpleasant experience.  Then you try to express the experience/    This is a shift in understanding. Being blocked in art is an OPPORTUNITY for another shift. Can propel you forward…if you choose to let the ouch hurt and let the good flow. It’s all about letting emotional experiences pass THROUGH our hearts and not let them get stuck. ART in any form (creativity) is the most effective way of keeping your heart “clear” and unplugged with debris. It is only in this way that you can be of service to another person and getting better and facing tough challenges like creative blockage is an opportunity to find out something about yourself (usually relating to the subject of humility). Knowing where we are afraid to be vulnerable allows for us to have a greater intuitive and guided flow of creative inspiration. Make sense?
Take what you want, leave the rest. This is what I have found for myself, but everyone’s understanding is different so I don’t know if you see things the same way, but I figure, sharing the experience is better than not. Gives it purpose above just what this understanding did for me individually. I try to just DECIDE that what I am doing has purpose. I write music, paint, draw, write stories, my book…whatever. each of us has something amazing to contribute…even if it’s just a good intention. You are no different.
I am unwilling to waste time or mince words anymore, but not in a mean way..in a way that says that not only do I believe our creative processes (ALL OF US) are important, but gearing the energy of each of us into the things we do the best…is the ONLY WAY to save the world. Yup…that’s my goal..save the world.
Are you in?

3 thoughts on “Unimagine the UNIMAGINABLE

  1. Honey, you have such an energetic soul! I love your writing and understanding of life and life’s purpose through our own perception of our purpose. Beautiful writing. Now I’m going to read what you wrote about ‘I have teenager’


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