Hey I have an idea!  At the risk of sounding unintentionally sarcastic, how about we take steps, in this instant to stop the downward spiral of our planet?  Today. Right now. I keep wondering what we are waiting for. MORE bad news?

I know you’re tired of hearing this…I get it but…what if we all suddenly knew that we had the absolute power to take back control over this issue but that in order to do that, we would have to make some very important fundamental changes in our lives about what we believe and how we make choices?  

These changes will not be easy for you. They will ask you to look deeply within yourself before you make any further life decisions from this moment onwards.  These choices demand that you take yourself and your role on this planet and in this life much more seriously.  It will demand that you step up to the call of your soul and stop pussyfooting around the issue but asking inane questions that demand five sensory scientific proof for things that surpass such limited sensory proof.  Intuition is awakening in us. At least in my world, it has become apparent that since 1997, there are things that have been fundamentally shifting in both our planetary attitudes down to our individual ones.  It seems that the individual always emulates the overall sentiment of the culture at the time, and so choices reflect the group thinking.  Where there is great dissent between what the group thinks and the government or representative body of the group thinks, it is then that we encounter violence and fear.  We go back to sleep.

It is necessary that everyone stop being terrified of stuff we have made up in our minds and chosen to call true.  Our preconceived notions of one another, our deluded sense of selves and overinflated identification with our ego selves.  Self analysis is all very well and good, but the time has come to put theory into practice and step up to the plate. Maybe that sounds like a very tall order, without any true sense of direction. Let me make it clearer and perhaps you will have some thoughts to add to what we can do to help the shift become more conscious and powerful.

Like in the “Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield, it is advised that we begin to take conscious note of intuition, coincidences and synchronicity and that we try to incorporate the ability of our intuition to also determine the meaning of symbolism, which is the universe’s communication with us directly.  We have to learn to both listen and trust ourselves on a much deeper level. There are different ways of doing this, but the bottom line is that you have to b motivated. Most of us are motivated by pain or fear.  The good news is that you will find that as you continue to explore yourself more deeply, you will illuminate the real issues that caused you fear thereby eliminating any power they may have had in your life.  Darkness always scatters from light like a rat.

here are some things you may want to challenge yourself with.  After all..it can’tt hurt.


How about for just one day,( let’s say TOMORROW), we all drop prejudice and judgment just for the helluvit.  Begin with how harshly you judge yourself though because until you can be kinder to YOU cannot be kinder to others.  You cannot love as well as you are meant to love until you fully understand self-love.  I know it sounds selfish, but for a few days listen really carefully to your own needs, as if you are listening to a friend that you really love, but don’t judge your thoughts as they come.  Just take note of them.  Maybe highlight the needs that you did not fulfill, because you judged them unnecessary or you simply forgot yourself in the demands your world makes of you.


My life encompasses a great many number of roles.  If I did not find way to periodically ‘fill myself up”, I would surely become irritable and incapable of being present for the people I love in my life.  If I did not take the time to find myself and where I am in the center of my own life, I really could not tell you where any of us are standing.  Without this daily taking stock, you cannot possibly know enough about yourself to be of any real use to the people you love, so before you go off thinking you are incapable of taking selfish time for quiet introspection because “everyone needs you”, understand that without that well spent time you are running on empty and have only the shell of yourself to offer them. A pittance compared to the potential you are filled with.


Everyone is human, and even when I demand the time to be quiet with myself, I still struggle at times with the insistence of my mind that unless I am busy at work “doing something” I am “wasting my time”.  This is the kind of thinking that leads me to exhaustion, depression and despair. As a mother, wife, teacher, musician, friend, sister, daughter, cousin, niece…all of these roles cause me to have to be present sometimes too many people.  Life needs boundaries and setting them with those in your life requires self-knowledge and a compassionate expression.  You may have to express some boundaries with people…but that’s ok. We teach people how to treat us. See if you can’t claim part of your life for yourself, what does that say about what you are willing to do for yourself – on your own behalf?


Fear is the great obstacle and your great teacher. Whatever your life is missing, it is because you are afraid of something. Fear can tell you what you REALLY think about something. But you ahve to muster up the courage to be HONEST with yourself. Live where you are right now. Love your life for what it is, not what it will be one day when conditions change.  BE where you ARE. This is how to lose the fear.  Fear only comes from past or future; it never exists in present moment.

Fear hinders love like a dark cloud hinders the rays of the sun. But like the sun, the fear is eventually burned away but the light of what is better, what feels more right. Wake up from your DREAM!  We have been asleep. Welcome to a new day!


Ask yourself if you are as nice to your spouse as your are to total strangers? Do you show as much interest in the people close to you, or do you take the people who support your life and help you make it what it is for granted?

Try and recognize that violence is an expression of self-hatred and for God’s sakes (literally) try to be nicer to one another. None of you are right or wrong. You just ARE.

Take a conscious minute every day to just be grateful that you’re not worse off than you are. And do something nice for someone…and don’t tell anyone about it.

These are very basic steps to real satisfaction in your life. NOT happiness…for that is a selfish goal and selfish goals never make us feel really good in the long run.

Think about other people every day and yes sometimes put yourself second! But only after you have filled your own cup.  Be selfish and diligent in filling yourself up before you try to give something you don’t have away.  You can’t borrow from an empty bank. Fill your own cup.


Have a no eco-footprint day every day!  you can make a difference, but you have to do it every day. You don’t get any more ‘days off” of being ecologically responsible. We have used all the vacation time we are going to get on this subject, and frankly when they say time is running out, they aren’t kidding.  Every day get up and make a concerted and conscious demand of yourself to be only respectful to the environment that gives you your life.  Just like your family and friends, show it a little more gratitude. We do NOT, as human beings, have DOMAIN over this planet.  We are simply residents, guests. Right now we are acting like REALLY BAD ROOMATES.  Do better. Try harder. Stop making excuses and for God’s sakes…don’t whine about it. Just do better.

Demand more of your life.  Don’t take second best when it comes to what you decide for yourself. Decide for yourself because YOU ARE ALL THERE IS.

If you dont like your job…quit, don’t whine.

If you dont like your relationship, try being alone a while.

YOU are IT.

You are the sole creator of your journey and what you get from it is entirely up to you.

Isn’t it time we make a different decision?  Just for one day. YOU CAN DO IT.

February 17, 2012 is FRESH START DAY. And guess what…so is February 18, and 19 and 20 and so on…each day a new chance. IMAGINE THAT!!

Try and keep your thoughts clean for you and for others. Don’t lie. You’ll get caught and it will damage your credibility. Or maybe you won’t get caught, but you’ll eventually stop believing yourself.

Are you really pissed at someone?  Try this funky idea…

Pray for them. Yup…even if you’re not Catholic or Jewish or whatever –  even if you say you believe in nothing…doesn’t matter.  Trying picturing yourself breathing in THEIR PAIN, washing it in your own heart and sending them back loving light. Sound crazy? Do it for two weeks…you’ll see a miracle happen.

NB: repeat this exercise as often as you desire on everyone you meet who annoys you or causes you disturbance.   Avoid resentment at all cost.

Maybe this sounds insane, but  it is a much sounder approach to conflict resolution and social disharmony over what we are currently doing to fix things – which by the way is nothing.  This world has gone mental and no one is gonna make it sane until we INDIVIDUALS make changes in oru lives that reflect a new direction of thinking.

Don’t wait for government or big corporations like we have done in the past. They are NOT THERE TO HELP US. We are IT. YOU are IT.

Rely on the thing that never changes. Rely on the Source of all energy. God, Buddha, Mohammed, Yahweh, Your guides…your inside voice that is calm all the time and observes everything, even your dreams.  Rely on THAT because THAT is who you really are.

Einstein said something like “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Stop being insane…make a different choice about yourself and about the whole world TODAY.

~ Peace ~


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