Back to Nature~ Back to Creative

Most of the people I meet in my life who express unhappiness with their lives seem to suffer from one form or another of “expectation disorder”; they expect the world the be different from how it actually is.  Resistance to the reality of  current circumstances in this time and place is the cause of every illness they suffer.  Once they begin to realize that unhappiness is an integral and eventually unnecessary part part of the human experience,  to have these encounters with inner imbalance; they see that disharmony is only a vehicle to achieving conscious harmony. Since our entire “real job” on earth is to discover our most basic Inner Nature at an integral level then it is safe to conclude that UNhappiness is merely a directional indicator towards happiness.  Unhappiness is the emotion of your soul’s longing; the deepest desire of your creative self.  It is the answer to the question:

“If I had all the time and resources in the world, what would I do with myself?”

People are becoming more and more aware of themselves. Religions are falling away, not because we are winning some great war against radical oppression, but because people are waking up to their own inner sense of what is right and what is wrong, and that inner sense is beginning to have a stronger voice than the fear based teachings of the major religions. Where religion has taught separation, individual awakening is teaching connectivity.  It has become apparent and obvious that there is a sense of balance and reliability even in the ever-changing universe we live in; undoubtedly there is a balance that is achieved beyond the scope of our reasoning.

And that is the crux of it; the age of reason is falling and the age of intuition is emerging at lightening speed!

Our cultures are confused. WE are confused.  We were taught many things that no longer jive with the truth of what we know to be the reality of our world today.  Many of us were raised by parents who came from warring eras; times long past for countries’ like Canada who have given rise to an entire generation of children who have not had to experience the rigours of war on our home territory.  Hearing about war on the news or internet is a far cry from actually have to experience the basic threat of war to human nature.  In our confusion some of us still think we need to focus on the things our parents taught us were important to focus on.  People that do jobs that they hate do so only because they have another need which they feel is more important to fulfill than personal happiness.  Sometimes these are very important needs such as food, clothing or shelter.  Other times, these needs evolve into greed, and cultures such as the North Americans seemed enraptured by the need for MORE, needs which stretch immensely past the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.   The further away a culture gets from nature, the further it gets from the arts. The further a culture gets from nature it also follows then that the further a culture gets from its reliance upon nature to survive, the more misunderstanding it becomes of the role that nature is provided to us to play.  We rel;y on governmentm, corporations and the big think tanks to give us our basic needs, then we berate them when we feels unduly controlled by them, when in FACT we are giving them the tools with which to control us. We are giving them our basic needs. We want more “false items” to fill our needs because we no longer know how to fill tem ourselves and so we seek errantly. This is when cultures become disrespectful of nature, using her resources with wild abandon, for the sole purpose of creating greater comfort and ease of living for itself.  Soon, cultures were so wrapped up in this pursuit of “false happiness” or finite and illusory comfort, that they forgot to pay attention to where their resources for all this comfort were coming from, and they began to run out.

The way we make decisions as a culture is very much like a human making a choice for himself.  We do the things we think we need to do because we want to fulfill BASE needs but we forget ourselves in the process and become resentful and hateful towards ourselves and one another.

I know quite a few “starving artists”, as you may call them.  They may often discuss not having some of the basics we some of us take for granted but amongst these people it is very rare to find someone who complains of feeling “unfulfilled” or “unhappy” while they are working.   There seems to be however a sense in our culture that if you ar doing what you love, if it is pure creativity like art or music or writing for example, if it holds no other purpose other than the expression of yet another viewpoint of how to look at this life, then it hold no value.  Those aciotives which lie beyond ‘reason”.  things that lie beyond reaons threaten the false perception of the immutablity of the reaonsing mind. We will feel many uncomfortable growing pains as people become more and more accustomed to the emerging creative consciousness. Still, Society does not compensate its artists. Rather it firsts condemns them as errant members of society, unproductive and illogical.  ironically. This sense of isolation and “differentness” often lends its own contribution to the creation of something new.  It’s the “outside the box” thinkers that revolutionize our world, certainly not those of us who can only repeat the thoughts and ideas that were passed along to us by others.  Those things have already been thought up.  The fact is, that it is only through positive forward creativity have we compelled ourselves to continue to understand more.  Society should recognize the need to more highly compensate the artists to facilitate their individual ability to imagine our evolution forward. Instead, we have it all backwards.  We continue to pump all of our conscious energy and misguided goals into things that not only do not work for us, but their mere existence are causing us to commit slow suicide.  Not only do we create these things (nuclear weapons, cigarettes), but we allow ourselves to believe they can do something other than kill us.  And yet, here is where we are placing our energy; into creating drugs and weapons and every manner of thing which can divert our attention away from our own personal creativity.

Let’s face it…we rely on each other way too much.  We rely on the government to think for us, we rely on corporations to feed us, give us money, provide food, house us, educate our children.  There is nothing we decide for ourselves anymore. We have become a culture of sightless drones.  We don'[t know how to cut our own hair, let alone find food if we were placed in a position of having to eat without having access to prepackaged meals.  We would be lost, if even one or two of our most basic amenities would disappear; such as electricity and fresh running water.  But nearly 60% of the world’s people do not have access to this two things.  We have become clearly incapable of fulfilling our own basic needs.  Is this a manner of de-volution?  How many of us would truly be capable of killing an animal for food?  Personally if placed in the position, I would become a vegan right quick.  It would seem like the right moral decision since I cannot envision myself slicing anything’s throat in order to provide me with nutrition; but then again, I have never been that hungry.

But this mutual co-reliance also has some very important beneficial effects.  relying upon each other for all of our resources as we have certainly begun to do over the past 300 years causes us to be more motivated to seek solutions for the global predicaments we now find ourselves in.  It also allows us more time for study and understanding.  Just like in Marlow’s hierarchy of needs, humanity is also beginning to rise above needing to meet basic needs (in some lucky parts of the world) and is reaching a greater understanding on a different level.


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