Closet Artist Sketch Number 2: Akashic Library

She sits by a fire as I gaze in the window.  This sketch is from a dream I had.  I believe it to be something like my Akashic Library if you have ever heard of such a thing.  The story goes that the Akashic Library hold all of the scrolls which contain your life experiences.  Each person has their own books(s) in the library and the soul is the access point for the knowledge contained within  the scrolls.  Apparently through diligent enough spiritual practice you can attain a state of meditation which allows you to both interact with your soul in the Library, and to gain knowledge from the contents of the scroll. So, this is my Akashic library, where one day I hope not to be an observer standing outside the window in the cold, but find the key to enter in and spend some time with my self. Looking back at this sketch I find the library looks very small. Maybe it just needs some time and more experiences to grow. 


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