This is my first sketch…

I am one of those real-life hippies I suppose, who is coming to terms with an idea that the world is undergoing a great global shift in consciousness. Many of us are finding that our minds are opening much faster to new ideas, that we are connecting on 6th sense level through intuition, coincidences and synchronicity like never before.  This sketch represents that belief in me.  Her mouth is (poorly :)) made of a guitar symbolizing my belief that music is the voice of the planet. SHE comprises the planet actually.  On her left you’ll see something that looks like a big ear, which is symbolic of the Divine always listening.  Of course this sketch really emphasize the “Creative female Divine” which to tell you the truth I have not explored feminist religion all that much. Much relationship with God as it is is really beyond needing to believe in It Him her whatever in any physical form.

Her “Figure” as we say in french is really made up of as many types of geographical landscapes that I could contrive within her form.

Over her head lies the sun and ultimate representation of Divine guidance.

Her one and only eye is all she needs, being her sixth emergent sense. the clouds over her represent her ego and the always potential darkness that can come if she isn’t diligent. Maybe that’s about my depression.

Now that I think of it…

She began by the box in the middle of her face, then sort of exploded outwards in fantastic shifts of light and different kinds of shapes that really make me think of water…like a lake flowing by very quickly through her.  Mother earth. Something like that.

Maybe that’s what I’ll call this one…Mother Earth.


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