LIFE GOALS or what?

Setting goals is an important human task.  I heard somewhere that only 3% of North American’s polled have set goals.  I don’t believe there is any coincidence between the percentage of people who hold most of the worlds wealth and this statistic.  During the New year season making “resolutions” is a popular concept.  New Years is viewed as a time of restarting, a jumping off place.  You can choose to loose weight, quit smoking, drop your current relationship, move to a new city, change jobs or decide to take that long awaited art course. A New Year’s resolution always has in mind some form of self improvement, but most of the time we are trying to improve upon some aspect of ourselves which is only a symptom of a larger issue. The word “resolution” sound harsh and determined. And unless we know why we are making the change or why we underwent the damaging behaviour that leads to the need for change in the first polace, the change will only be temporary.

You can resolve to quit smoking, go to the gym, loose 20 p0unds and spend more time with your kids, but until an action is taken, it’s just another reason for you to feel guilty about not doing the things you should be doing to take care of yourself.  Until you understand why you have self defeating behaviours, trying to change them all you want wil only create more disappointment and guilt.  I have never made a life goal list, but I am going to start one here online.  I hope others join me.  I don’t believe a business can be successful without a set of long and short term goals. It is certain that any life can benefit from setting and focusing on positive forward moving goals.

Goals are best if they have a focused effect that brings somethign good not only to your life, but to other lives as well.  For example, one of my goals is to train horses in Costa Rica.  This benefits me by expanding my knowledge and gives me work to do that I love as well as providing a more humane taining method to a place that only knows very harsh methodology in horse training.   This is one of my BIG goals.  I have smaller goals too, like rearranging my bedroom closet because it is a ridiculous mess.

When I started writring this list I was stuned at how little I had for it. Surely I must WANT something for my life?

I also realized that had I written this list 30 years ago, i would find that many of my goals have been achieved…so my list includes life goals that I have actually achieved:

1- get my own horse (my lifelong I have 7)

2- live on a  farm (I love my farm 🙂

3- Hvae a great dog

4- have seven kids

5- geta university degree

6- Get married to someone I am really good friends with

7- become a musician

8- teach

9- learn how to ride a motorcycle

10- have a horse refuge anmd work with refuge animals

11- Scuba dive

12- Write a fiction novel for teens

13– Travel back to africa to teach and do volunteer work

14- Horse training in Costa rica

15- Clean my bedroom closet

16- Write and produce a solo album

17- Play the Blues Festival in Montreal with SoulFusion

18-  Ride Otis all the way to Hudson on manson safely

19- Create trails on the farm

20- Fall in love deeply and truly – soul to soul

21- Have an arena at willowcreek by the fall 2012

22- One Mind: A Guide to Emerging Global Consciousness completed and published in 2012

23- Finish bedroom bathroom

24- Make Stables self sustaining by growing teaching and boarding business


This will continue as the year goes on.  I am happy to say I have achieved many of these, and I am looking forward to adding on to it as time goes by.


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